Who we are Xcenter

Xcenter is a space that brings together different fields and different progressive people to act as an accelerator of creativity. In the gallery, we hunt for muons, in the laboratory young people try to read the light, and in lectures and round tables we design new projects and new calls for proposals. We host a great number of projects and events: intermedia exhibitions, mentor training events, KonS workshops, festivals, lectures, press conferences, round tables, meetings, recordings, workshops and similar events.

The Xcenter story is not the result of one individual. It is the result of the efforts of many people who have been working here in the former Diamond building long before the name Xcenter was even conceived.
It is the result of the work of the KonS network, which has been established much more widely across Slovenia, and is above all the result of the courage of the Municipality of Nova Gorica, which came forward with a bold vision and with our future in mind.

Nova Gorica city centre is thus enriched with a centre of creative practices, which is being created through the combination of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, art, education and research. The centre fosters innovation in the cultural and creative industries, experimental
exploration through advanced workshops, development projects and productive socialising. Xcenter is one of the main projects of the European Capital of Culture GO!Borderless 2025.

Together with the artists from Nova Gorica and Gorizia and the cross-border partners who support Xcenter on a daily basis, we will try to grow in the next two years so that in 2025 we will be able to present ourselves as a relevant European Capital of Culture in line with Xcenter's programme guidelines.

Programme guidelines

The Xcenter, a centre for creative practices, can accommodate content that:


Contributes to a deeper understanding of new technologies (safe, sustainable and ethical use);


Stimulates creativity and innovation in the development and use of high technologies and social innovation;


Contributes to the knowledge and skills of the community in developing contemporary values to meet the challenges of the future (the concepts of do-it-yourself, do-it together, learning-by-playing, fail-better);


Inspires young people and others interested in community work to develop the potential of their local communities using a range of modern technologies;


Provides access to basic facilities and professional connections at the level of the network of regional hubs (created by artists, scientists, engineers and other creatives who are involved in creative collisions between experts from different fields in an intergenerational dialogue);


Contributes to the creation of the Xcenter community and the active involvement of individuals in the activities of advanced practices;


Offers young creatives a promising career path from kindergarten to employment in the form of non-formal education and empowerment for exceptional individuals whose existing education system fails to offer them the conditions to develop their own potential;


Offers international networking for creators, stimulates reflection on common strategies for the development of cultural and creative industries and the creation of new support mechanisms for their development.