The Xcenter offers a variety of creative, intermedia, educational and scientific workshops for children and adults. A variety of public institutions, universities, cultural and creative industry institutions and companies, as well as local businesses are involved in the organisation of the workshops.

Workshops in the maker lab

The main programme in the maker lab consists of workshops for children, young people and the interested public. The workshops are designed to present and educate people about new scientific knowledge and technological solutions that have an impact on individuals and society through their application. In addition to presenting and educating, the workshops aim to encourage participants to form communities of interest based on common interests to develop joint projects, new workshops and actively engage in the education of others and creative prototyping.
The difficulty of the workshops is adapted to the age group and level of background knowledge. Roughly speaking, the workshops can be divided into those for children, young people and the general public.
In the maker lab, participants or external users (upon prior arrangement) can produce demonstration projects, non-functional and functional prototypes and innovation studies.


Workshops in the themed lab

The laboratories are dedicated to intuitive and non-applicative research involving artists, scientists and engineers, and are primarily devoted to the articulation of new ideas. Research activities are aimed at developing ideas for artistic and speculative projects, which are later exhibited in the gallery or further developed into a product or service through incubation. Every research project necessarily results in a developed workshop, which can be implemented in educational processes at the hub or elsewhere in Slovenia and abroad.


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