The e-hiša is geared towards fostering children and young people's interest in science and technology.

The e-hiša programmes are aimed at the general public, from pre-school children to the third stage of life. They are a welcome way of linking practical science with the curriculum in schools. They are developed in line with the curricula and in cooperation with educational and research institutions in the region and abroad. With interactive experiments, workshops, experimental rooms, robotics courses, e-house birthday parties and the Nova Gorica Festival of Science, they promote experiential learning.

The e-hiša activities give participants the opportunity to learn how to solve problems, manage complex challenges and find innovative solutions through fun and experiential learning.
The level of complexity of the knowledge acquired is adapted to the prior knowledge and expressed interest of the target group. The high visibility of the e-house - house of experiments, is demonstrated by its widespread presence in many places in Slovenia, especially in the wider Gorica and Posočje regions.


Vision and mission

The vision for the development of the e-house is aimed at upgrading it in line with the model of similar centres abroad, which would bring to our region a number of opportunities in the field of development of science and technology, tertiary education, integration of the pillars of education and business, etc. Developing the e-house and Xcenter could raise Nova Gorica, with its strategic position, into the ranks of attractive tourist and educational destinations, which in turn would open the door not only to national visibility, but also to cross-border and international networking and visibility.